Filtration items are the predominate category of products we represent. Eighteen years ago we entered the market with the intent of being the dominant single source supplier of filtration products in our market. We have achieved this goal and continue to grow this business on a daily basics.

Filtration is the process of using a filter to mechanically separate a mixture of solids and fluids. Depending on the application, the solid, the fluid, or both may be isolated. Examples of filtration include a coffee filter which separates the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee; the use of consumer water filters to improve the taste or appearance of municipal water; and the use of HEPA filters in air conditioning to remove particles from air. This same method is used in nearly all industrial applications no matter if it is air, oil, water or natural gas.

Hi-Plains Filtration has been pursuing filtration since its establishment in July, 1989.

Our main goal is to furnish the best filtration, whether it be the BEST price, the BEST service and the BEST filtration if possible. We have a large filter base in our inventory to supply the needs to our customers.

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